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FrontPage 2002 tutorial and guide FrontPage 2002 tips and tricks

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High-end Scripting in Microsoft FrontPage version 2002
Use the power features of the Microsoft Script Editor to quickly add, edit, or debug any VBScript or JScript Web solution, as well as add text or edit HTML tags on your FrontPage-based Web site pages.

Make Your Site More Interactive with Microsoft FrontPage version 2002
Using the powerful authoring features of FrontPage 2002, you can quickly develop more interactive Web pages.

Build a Pop-up Menu Using Dynamic HTML and JavaScript 
Find out how to create a pop-up menu to enhance the user experience on your Web site.

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Making Your Web Sites More Accessible with Microsoft FrontPage version 2002
Find out how you can insure that your Web site reaches as broad of an audience as possible with FrontPage 2002.

Professional Web Hosting Solution for low cost ($7.95/mo)

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How to Make HTML CDs with Microsoft® FrontPage® version 2002
Find out how you can use Microsoft FrontPage 2002 to develop CD-ROMs in HTML format.

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Data-enabling Webs with Microsoft FrontPage version 2002 Means Business
Create complete database solutions, insert, update, and delete records without writing a single line of code using FrontPage version 2002.

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Database Power with Microsoft FrontPage version 2002
You can use Microsoft FrontPage version 2002 to easily integrate database power into your Web site like a true database expert.

PageTools Version 2.0 is now available for download. Version 2 includes better support for Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 and Microsoft Windows XP. Most of the tools have been streamlined and a new tool, Code Snips, is now included.

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How to Use FrontPage

FrontPage Options for Advanced Developers
FrontPage contains a wealth of powerful features that are designed precisely to support the needs of the most sophisticated of Web authors.

Work in Two Windows at the Same Time in FrontPage 2000.  
With FrontPage 2000, you can copy files and create hyperlinks between two windows by using a drag-and-drop operation.

Publishing with FrontPage
Will help you feel more comfortable and at ease with the publishing options and methods when your FrontPage Web site is ready for the world to see.

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Working With the FrontPage Application
Tips regarding features of the application that are not specific to working on a Web page.


Working With Webs
Tips about working with Web pages.


Working with SharePoint Team Services
Tips about working with the SharePoint Team Services team web site solution from Microsoft, which is included with FrontPage version 2002



Make Web Page Graphics More Accessible in FrontPage 2002
Alternative text (alt text) is a Web graphic property used by Web browsers.  Without alt text, your Web graphics are not accessible to visitors to your Web site who use screen readers.


Making FrontPage Toolbars More Accessible
FrontPage version 2002 includes features that make it accessible to a wider range of users, including those who have limited dexterity, low vision, or other disabilities. One such feature increases the size of toolbar buttons to make them easier to use.

Automatic Web Content


Add Syndicated Content to Your Web from MSNBC
Shows how you can add headlines from MSNBC to your Web site, and MSNBC will update them for you!


Display a Banner Ad from bCentral Ad Network
Shows how you can get your advertisements on other sites by including banner ads on your site. Brought to you by Microsoft bCentral.

bullet Add a Theme to your bCentral E-commerce Web Catalog in FrontPage 2002
Using FrontPage version 2002, you can change the look of your e-commerce Web product catalog by applying a Theme to the template pages in the Catalog Templates folder of your FrontPage-based Web site.
bullet Add Multiple Products to Your Product Catalog
Details how to add products to the product catalog that is displayed on your e-commerce Web site.
bullet Add Shared Borders to your bCentral E-commerce Web in FrontPage 2002
With FrontPage version 2002, you can change the look of your e-commerce Web product catalog by adding shared borders to the template pages in the Catalog Templates folder of your FrontPage-based Web site.
bullet Changing the Department List Properties in Your Ecommerce Web Using FrontPage 2002
With FrontPage version 2002, you can change the way your product information is displayed in your bCentral e-commerce Web site. This article describes how to change the way your product information is displayed using Department List Properties in your bCentral e-commerce Web.
bullet Promote Your Products Across Internet Auction Web Sites
Describes how you can sell products on your site and in addition, automatically list those products on popular Internet auction sites.

Copying, Cutting and Pasting

bullet Accessing Clipboard and Search Task Panes
Shows how to quickly switch between different task areas including adding new templates and pages to your Web, Search, and special paste features of the Office Clipboard.
bullet Paste the Way You Want With Smart Tags
Describes how to paste by preserving the formatting from the document you copied, use the current web page's style to change the formatting, or strip out all formatting to paste plain text. 
bullet Use Office Clip Board To Paste From Other Office Applications into FrontPage
Learn how to use the Office Clip Board, which helps you copy or cut content from Microsoft® Office XP applications and quickly paste them into web pages you're creating with FrontPage.


bullet Changing Database Results Field Labels
When a database results region is formatted as a table, the table column headings are called Field labels. This article describes how to rename or format the field labels. 
bullet Using the Database Interface Wizard
The Database Interface Wizard in Microsoft FrontPage® version 2002 generates everything you need to add database functionality to your website including a database, the forms, and Web pages required.
bullet Using the Database Results Wizard for Information Filtering
This article shows how to use the Database Results Wizard to help you build a query to filter database results on your Web site.

Drawing & Graphics

bullet Positioning Text in Shapes Using Cell Properties
This article describes how to control the position of text in AutoShapes.
bullet Using 3D Lighting Effects
Describes how to add or change a 3-D lighting effects to AutoShapes and Word Art objects.
bullet Using PowerPoint-like Drawing Features
Use enhanced drawing tools like auto-shapes, drop shadows, Word Art, and text boxes for attention-getting effects on your web pages.  
bullet Media Manager Media Manager allows you to easily insert Microsoft Media Player, Flash, RealPlayer, and Quicktime from within FP 2000/02/XP.
bullet Working with AutoShapes
Describes how to make a text balloon or "callout" using PowerPoint-like drawing tools new in FrontPage version 2002.

Find & Replace

bullet Using Find and Replace Enhancements
Use enhanced find and replace in FrontPage version 2002 to not only search all the files or HTML in your web to quickly find and replace content or even HTML, but now you can search multiple files, selecting only the ones you want to look at. You can also tab between Find and Replace. 


bullet Flexible Formatting of Hyperlinks Using CSS
Describes how to create a hyperlink without an underline.
bullet Use AutoFormat for Fast and Easy Tables
Table AutoFormat allows you to quickly and easily format tables in professional-looking styles.
bullet Using the Border Dropdown Tool
The Border Dropdown Tool Button in Microsoft FrontPage version 2002 allows you to quickly and conveniently add borders to text or graphics.


bullet Using Inline Frames in FrontPage 2002
Inline frames allow you to embed another Web page and its contents in an existing page.

HTML and ASP Editing Features

bullet HTML Formatting and Optional Reformatting
You can tell FrontPage how your HTML page should be formatted, from how many indents should come before each tag, to whether or not to use optional tags.
bullet HTML Tools Add-In
The HTML Tools Add-In allows you to quickly access and modify Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags directly while you're editing a page in Normal Page view.
bullet Using Reveal Tags View
With FrontPage 2002 you can troubleshoot Web pages by using the Reveal Tags View.  Reveal Tags allows you to see the HTML code while still in Normal view.
bullet View ASP Pages without Disturbing the Code
Active Server Page Source Code Preservation allows users to edit content in pages containing ASP code without disturbing the ASP code itself.

Handwriting Recognition

bullet Using Advanced Handwriting Recognition in FrontPage 2002
Describes how to use handwriting recognition to enter text into Microsoft FrontPage® version 2002-based Web pages by writing instead of typing.


bullet Add and Modify New Pages Using the Navigation Pane
Shows how to use the new Navigation Pane in FrontPage version 2002 so you can see how your pages link together while you’re still editing a page.
bullet MenuPlus Dramatically extend the power of your text-based nav bars with MenuPlus.
bullet Build Custom Link Bars to Navigate to Pages On or Off Your Site
Explains how to create a single button or collection of buttons on a Web page.
bullet Quickly Change Navigational Elements From Text To Buttons
Describes how to quickly change text links into buttons in a FrontPage or SharePoint Team Services-based Web site.

Photo Gallery

bullet Create a Photo Gallery to Display Images or Photos
How to quickly and easily create a Photo Gallery to display personal or business photos or images. 
bullet Create Hyperlinks in Photo Gallery Captions
Describes how to create captions or descriptions below your images and make hyperlinks in them.
bullet Fine Tuning Photo Gallery Layouts
Describes how you can fine-tune your Photo Gallery layout by adjusting thumbnail sizes and reordering the images themselves using Photo Gallery Properties.
bullet Setting Picture Options in a new Photo Gallery
You set picture options in your Photo Gallery to  convert images on the fly either to JPEG or GIF format, choose how quickly they will display, or control their file size.



Using the Microsoft Script Editor
With DHTML, you can easily add effects to your documents that were previously difficult to achieve including animating text and images, creating news or stock tickers, and more. You can quickly launch the Microsoft Script Editor from within Microsoft FrontPage® 2002 and FrontPage 2000 to view and edit HTML tags within HTML and Active Server Page (.asp) files. You can also add script, such as Microsoft Visual Basic®, Scripting Edition (VBScript) or JScript®, to your files and debug that script.

Speech Recognition

bullet Using Advanced Speech Recognition
Use advanced Speech Recognition technology to automate common tasks by using your voice to tell FrontPage what you want it to do.


bullet Customizing Themes
Themes apply consistent fonts and other formatting across a single page or all pages in your site. There are many new Themes and the rest have been updated. Each has its own look and feel, including coordinated bullets, buttons, background, page banner, horizontal line, and font styles. Find out how to create your own custom Theme.
bullet New Themes
Lists the new Themes in FrontPage version 2002.
bullet FrontPage 2002 Templates
bullet FrontPage 2002 Themes

User Interface

bullet Accessing Folder List and Navigation Panes
Now, you can continue to edit pages in Page view while you alternate between managing files and folders or managing how your Web pages link to each other.
bullet Use Page Tabs to Navigate
Page Tabs make it easier to edit many pages at once. New in Microsoft FrontPage® version 2002, Page Tabs allow you to open several pages and switch from page to page with just a click on the tab that represents that page.
bullet Use the Task Pane Feature to Get Quick Access to Frequently Used Commands
The Task Panes in Microsoft FrontPage® version 2002, allow you to have easy access to frequently used commands like Open Page, new Empty Web, Web Site Templates, and Add Network Place.
bullet Spooky Login Protect individual pages from prying eyes with this asp based Login and User management system. All settings are web-based, and the whole system can be up and running in minutes!


bullet Reformat HTML Pages to Make Them XML-Compatible
Use the "Apply XML Formatting Rules" to automatically take an HTML page and reformat its HTML tags to make them XML-compliant.


Working With FrontPage version 2002-based Webs

The tips and tricks in this section have to do with using the features of FrontPage to build your Web pages.



Deleting Pages in Your Local Web and on the Destination Server with FrontPage 2002
Using the new Enhanced Publishing Dialog, there are 2 ways you can synchronize deletes between your published and local sites.

bullet Single Page Publishing
Single Page Publishing helps you publish only the content you want to, when you want to, and it's easy to do.
bullet Track All of Your Publishing Activities
Publishing Log Files to help keep track of all your publishing activities in an easy to view list. You can review precisely what was published when on your Web site. You also can sort the log file to look at specific information such as Confirmations and Warnings. 
bullet Use the Enhanced Publishing Feature to Drag and Drop Files Wherever You Want
The new Enhanced Publishing Dialog in Microsoft FrontPage® version 2002 makes publishing simpler by allowing you to see both the pages and files on the source Web and the pages and files on the destination web at the same time. Now, you can easily drag, drop, or delete files in either location.


bullet AutoFiltering Web Site Reports to Find Oversize Files
Use AutoFilter in your reports to easily pinpoint important information about your Web site such as finding oversize image files. This kind of information can help you identify ways to optimize your Web site.
bullet How to Print Reports
With Microsoft FrontPage® 2002 users can generate reports about their websites including special usage analysis reports. This article describes how to print the reports.

Server Extensions

bullet Features Requiring FrontPage version 2002 Server Extensions
Your web site will have the best Microsoft FrontPage functionality when it is published to a Web server that has installed the Microsoft FrontPage® 2002 Server Extensions or SharePoint™ Team Services. This article lists features and components requiring the new server extensions as well as those requiring specific, earlier versions. 
bullet Professional Web Hosting Solution for low cost ($7.95/mo)

Shared Borders

bullet Apply Background Colors or Images to Shared Borders
Shared borders are like headers and footers because you only have to modify content in one place to update many pages. With improved Shared Borders, you can apply background colors or background images to shared borders.
bullet Using WordArt in Shared Borders
Describes how to insert WordArt into shared borders.

Substitution Web Component

bullet Adding New Values to the Substitution Web Component
The Substitution Web Component helps you quickly insert repetitive information in your web pages. This article describes how to add your own Substitution components such as a company email address.

Usage Analysis

bullet Fine-Tune Usage Analysis Settings
Usage Analysis Reports help you track who visits your Web site by providing a variety of site traffic information. You can specify when, how often, and for how long usage information is collected and kept.
bullet Insert a Top 10 List Linking to Your Most Popular Pages
You can quickly insert Top 10 Lists that link to the Top 10 most frequented pages on your site. Create lists by number of visited pages, referring domains, referring URLs, search strings, visiting users, and more. These lists are automatically refreshed when the user comes to the page. Use the Top 10 List on Internet or intranet sites.
bullet Setting Up Usage Analysis
Describes how to set up and use the Usage Analysis Reports feature, which helps you track who visits your Web site by providing a variety of site traffic and site use information.
bullet Top Ten List Referring URLs
You can quickly insert a Top 10 List that links to the Top 10 most frequent referring URLs. Referring URLs represent where your visitors are coming from when they browse your site.
bullet Track How Visitors Access and Use Your Web Site with Usage Analysis Reports
Learn more about how Usage Analysis Reports can help you understand how visitors learn about and use your Web site.


Working With SharePoint Team Services

The tips and tricks in this section have to do with using the SharePoint Team Services team Web site solution from Microsoft. 



Make Calendar View the Default View
You can make the calendar view the default view for the Events page. Then, when you click on the Events heading, the Calendar view will show you all of the events for this month instead of the original All Events view.



Adding Discussion Threads to Documents
The Web document discussion feature in Microsoft SharePoint™ Team Services can be used to add a discussion thread to a document on your SharePoint Team Services-based team Web site.

Document Libraries


Add Rules To a Document Library
In a SharePoint™ Team Services-based Web site, you can manage documents in your document library by using rules to automatically perform actions based on document properties. This article describes how to use the Rules Wizard templates as a starting point for creating your own rules.



How to Change Fonts in Cascading Style Sheet
SharePoint™ Team Services-based Web sites use an external Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), ows.css, to apply consistent style information across your Web site. This article describes how to modify the ows.css in your SharePoint Team Services-based Web site.



Change a Logo
Describes how to replace the SharePoint Team Services logo on the home page with your own logo using FrontPage version 2002.


Mix-FX a cool Flash Tool Flash text effects with Mix-FX!  Want to create amazing Flash buttons and Flash text effects, but don't have Macromedia Flash or don't know how to use it for complex Flash animations?



Changing List Style Layouts With List Properties
Describes how to change list layouts with one of 14 list layout styles.


Customizing List Interactive Layouts
You can create new lists or edit and customize existing lists from within the browser. You can further customize these lists using Layout Customization View in FrontPage version 2002.



Managing a Large Web Site
Describes how subwebs can help make managing a large Web site easier. 


Remotely Administer a Web
Using Microsoft FrontPage® version 2002 and SharePoint™ Team Services, it is easy to set up remote administration by adding a user account with Administrator role permissions.

bullet Media Manager allows you to easily insert Microsoft Media Player, Flash, RealPlayer, and Quicktime from within FP 2000/02/XP.




Customizing Link Bars in a SharePoint Team Services
SharePoint™ Team Services-based default sites offer pre-made Link Bars for site-wide navigation. One link bar is in the top shared border of the home page. With Microsoft FrontPage® version 2002, you can customize these link bars by editing or adding and removing links.


Dramatically extend the power of your text-based nav bars with MenuPlus

Shared Borders

bullet Add a Header Using Shared Borders
Using shared borders in a SharePoint™ Team Services-based Web site, you can place a header at the top of every page in your web site. For example, you may want to quickly add your company name to every page on your SharePoint™ Team Services-based Intranet Web site.


bullet Create Online Surveys To Gather Important User Information
Use Microsoft FrontPage® version 2002 to create and insert dynamic online surveys, complete with easy-to-add radio buttons, dropdown menus, and check boxes. Visitors can respond to surveys from their browsers, and can choose to see results in automatic graphs.
bullet View the Results of a Survey
You can view the results of SharePoint Team Services-based surveys and see how each team member responded or see a compilation of responses.


bullet Add Complimentary Themes from FrontPage 2002
Themes are used to quickly apply consistent styles and formatting across your Web site. This article describes how to apply a Theme to a SharePoint Team Services-based site.
bullet FrontPage 2002 templates
bullet FrontPage 2002 Themes


bullet Add or Remove Fields in a SharePoint Team Services List View
Describes how to add or remove fields from a list.


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