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Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Add-Ins

Here you will find the best add-in software for your FrontPage 2000, 2002 and 2003. We recommend all this software as they are first class add-ins for your website development.

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J-Bots Plus 2004 is an add-in for FrontPage 2003 featuring 102 components that can make your web sites more attractive, more engaging, and easier to navigate. They're easy to use, and require no programming skills. Simply fill in dialog boxes, click the Generate button, and JavaScript code will automatically create the function you desire. Choose from functions like Date Picker, Form Calculator, and CSS Link Bar Menu Maker. Includes all the components in the smaller, J-Bots 2004 version, plus four more component groups called:

J-Bots Form Components 
J-Bots Cookie Components
J-Bots Image Components
J-Bots Navigation Components
(Works in FP2003/FP2002/FP2000)

CLICK HERE for J-Bots Plus 2004

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J-Bots 2004 is a "light" version of J-Bots Plus 2004. It contains 46 components. They're general in nature, and include the most often requested functions by web designers, including Spam Stopper, Text Tips, Page Print, and Include ASP. Works just like J-Bots Plus 2004 (above). 
(Works in FP2003/FP2002/FP2000)


CLICK HERE for J-Bots 2004

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imag158.jpg (7116 bytes)

J-Bots Image Components v5.0 is a set of 13 J-Bots components that relate to the manipulation of images on web pages. Slide Show and Splash are two popular components featured in this version.
(Works in FP2003.FP2002/FP2000)


CLICK HERE for Image Components

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form158.jpg (7222 bytes)

J-Bots Form Components v5.0 is a set of 18 J-Bots components that relate to the use of forms on web pages. Faster form completion for your visitors, and more accurate data for you! Date Picker and Form Calculator are the two most asked for components in this version.
(Works in FP2003/FP2002/FP2000)


CLICK HERE for Form Components

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cook158.jpg (7944 bytes)

J-Bots Cookie Components v5.0 is a set of 12 J-Bots components that relate to the storing and display of visitor input through the use of cookies. Welcome your returning visitors by name! 
(Works in FP2003/FP2002/FP2000)


CLICK HERE for Cookie Components

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Navigation_158.jpg (11824 bytes)

J-Bots Navigation Components v5.0 is a set of 13 components that deal with the use of menus, hyperlinks, and other types of navigation. Featuring CSS Link Bar Menu Maker--a powerful tool!
(Works in FP2003/FP2002/FP2000)

CLICK HERE for Navigation Components

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calwiz2002.jpg (8788 bytes)

Calendar Wizard 2002 Creates one-month calendars up to the year 2008 in three easy steps. Resize, add text, links, change the fonts to customize. (Works in both FP2002/FP2000)

CLICK HERE for Calendar Wizard

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META2002.jpg (7696 bytes)

Meta Tag Maker 2002 A fully integrated add-in for FrontPage 2002 that sets the meta tags used by search engines to
index your web pages. Meta Tag Maker does in one step what requires at least 10 steps to do in FrontPage. It also allows you to store and use predefined values, which eliminates the need to
key the same information for every web page.
(Works in both FP2002/FP2000)

CLICK HERE for Meta Tag Maker





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